Session A

May 22 – June 25
5 weeks

Session B

June 26 – July 30
5 weeks

Session C

July 31 – August 20
3 weeks

About Summer at Southern

Summer at Southern is open to everyone ― current students, visitors from other U.S. colleges, international students, newly admitted transfer students, high school students, and the regional community.

Currently Enrolled Southern Students

Continue learning throughout the summer! With more than 600 undergraduate and graduate course offerings in a variety of delivery formats, Summer at Southern will help you catch up on credits or accelerate your graduation date. Learn more

New and Visiting Students

Summer at Southern welcomes new and visiting students from around the region and the globe! Take advantage of the flexible open enrollment policy this summer which requires no additional application. Earn extra credits while you explore the beautiful city of New Haven. Learn more

International Visitors

Southern is a globally engaged university that provides a variety of programs for international students and visitors. Learn more

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Summer 2017 Discounted Tuition

Did you know that Southern offers a discounted tuition rate for both current and visiting students taking multiple classes during the summer?

Undergraduate students taking twelve (12) or more credits – approximately four (4) classes - receive a flat tuition and fee rate. This equates to a 20% savings in total tuition and fees!!

Graduate students taking nine (9) or more credits – approximately three (3) classes – pay a discounted flat rate as well.

Please visit Tuition and Fees for more information or The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information on tuition assistance.

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for undergraduates taking 12 or more credits

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

These 2-4 week summer programs allow students to travel the globe while still earning college credits. Contact Erin Heidkamp, Director, Office of International Education at (203) 392-6975 for more information.

Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Classes I Should Take?

If you are a returning /continuing student with a declared major, you should check in with your departmental advisor. If you are a new student, or undeclared, please contact the Academic Advisement Office located in the Wintergreen Building on Wintergreen Avenue. More information regarding the Academic Advisement Office and how to set up an appointment can be found on the Academic Advisement website or you can e-mail the Advisement Center at

Do I Need a Student ID Card? How Do I Get One?

You will need a student ID card if you are taking classes at the Southern campus. Student IDs can be obtained, free of charge, from the University Card Office. You must provide proper identification (photo ID) to get a new card. The Card Office is located in the Wintergreen Building, Room 112.  In order to obtain an ID card you must first get an ID number. For visiting students, to obtain this number, go to our Visiting Student page and fill out all of the required fields.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend Summer Session?

Information about tuition and fees can be found on the Student Accounts website. Click on “Tuition and Fees” 2016-2017 and follow the link under "Intersessions" that applies to you (i.e., Part-time or Online).

The Summer Session multi-course discount is back by popular demand! Learn more about the discount.

  • Undergraduate students taking twelve (12) or more credits – approximately four (4) classes - receive a flat tuition and fee rate. This equates to a 20% savings in total tuition and fees!!
  • Graduate students taking nine (9) or more credits – approximately three (3) classes – pay a discounted flat rate as well.

What Are The Registration Requirements?

Payment or enrollment in a payment plan is required upon registration. The earlier you register, the more months you will have to spread out your payments. For instructions, please visit the Guide to Registration & Bill Payment. Upon registration, please click View eBill and Make Payment to view the payment plan options available to you.

If you are a visiting student, please e-mail to inquire about prerequisite equivalencies from other schools. Academic Advisement will act as a liaison between you and the academic department to determine your eligibility for a summer course. This process may require you to send evidence of previously completed coursework at your institution.

Can I Register For a Course or Change My Schedule After The Session Has Started?

Yes. Please note that the add/drop dates are based upon the length of the individual summer course and scheduled meeting times. Please see the Registrar's Office Calendar for specific withdrawal and refund dates.

Can I Register For More Than One Summer Session at a Time?

Yes, but please note that payment for tuition and fees is due at the time of registration.

What is the Process for Registering For A Course With a Prerequisite Requirement?

Students who need assistance enrolling in a course which has a prerequisite should contact their Academic Advisor for assistance. Returning students with majors are advised by their assigned departmental advisers. Contact the department of your chosen major to find out who your academic adviser is and when he/she can be reached. All undeclared and visiting students should contact the Academic Advisement Center at: (203) 392-5367 or via email at: for guidance.

Can I Audit a Summer Course?

If you are interested in auditing a summer course, please contact the Registrar's Office. The tuition and fees are the same, but auditing a course allows you the flexibility of taking a class without receiving a formal grade. All interested students will need to obtain permission from the professor in order to audit their course.

How Will I Be Notified If a Course Is Cancelled?

You can check Banner Web regularly to see the status of your class. Occasionally, classes are cancelled due to low enrollment, in which case you will be notified through your university e-mail address. Classes may also be dropped from your schedule if you fail to make your payment on time. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Yes. If students did not borrow the maximum loan amount for their grade level during fall 2016 and spring 2017, they can apply for the balance of the loan to count towards the summer session. Qualifying students must complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA application and SCSU Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application prior to May 1st, 2017. The Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application will be available through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website on March 6th.

Financial aid is not available for visiting students through Southern. If you have been awarded financial aid at your home institution, there is a possibility that this aid can be transferred to Southern for the summer. Please contact the financial aid office at your home institution for more information.

What Is the Process for Applying Leftover Financial Aid to Summer Session Classes?

Students must complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA and the Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application, which will be available through the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website on March 6th, 2017. If students did not borrow the maximum loan amount for their grade level during fall 2016 and spring 2017, they can apply for the balance of the loan to count towards the summer session. Also, parents can apply for the Direct PLUS loan for dependent undergraduates and graduate students can apply for the Graduate PLUS loan.

How Do I Get a Parking Permit?

You can obtain a parking decal, free of charge, from the University Police Station. You will need an SCSU student ID to verify your enrollment in the university. The University Police Station is located in the back of Granoff Hall on Wintergreen Avenue. See University Police website for more information.

Is Housing Available?

Yes, but only for currently matriculated Southern students. More information can be found on the Office of Residence Life website.

Are There Summer Jobs Available On Campus?

If you are interested in working on campus, please contact Career Services.

I am a Student At Another College. Can I Take Classes at Southern During the Summer?

Yes! Southern welcomes visiting students from a wide range of colleges who take courses during the summer session. You do not have to apply for admission to Southern, just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Check with your college or university to confirm that the courses you are interested in at Southern are transferrable to your institution and applicable to your studies.
  2. Complete the Visiting Student Form. You will then receive an email with your Student ID number and your MySCSU Username, as well as instructions on how to log-in and register. It is very important to provide us with a current and valid email address or you will not receive the information necessary to register. Please allow two to three (2-3) business days for processing.
  3. Register for the courses you want. For instructions, simply click on this Guide to Registration & Bill Payment.

How Can I Ensure My Credits Taken at Southern Will Transfer to My Current School?

Prior to registering for a summer course at Southern, you are encouraged to check with the university you are attending to guarantee transfer of any course credits from SCSU. After your grade is posted to your transcript, submit a request for your official SCSU transcript to be sent to your university. Official transcripts are requested through your MySCSU/Banner Web account, under "Student Records." To access the system, you will need to enter your username and your password combination. Your initial password will be your "SCSU birthday." It is originally set as SCSU! followed by your birthdate (MMDDYY). For example, a birthday of April 3, 1991, would use SCSU!040391 as a first time password.

Do I Have to Apply to the University in Order to Take Summer Courses?

While students do not have to formally apply to the university to take summer classes, students who are not currently enrolled or matriculated need to fill out the Visiting Student Form. You will need a valid email address in order to receive your Student ID number, MySCSU Username, as well as instructions on how to log-in and register.

Are There Online Courses Available? Can They Be Taken Along With On-Ground Classes?

Yes, a selection of online courses is available during the summer session, which can be taken concurrently with on-ground courses. Please call the Registrar's Office at (203) 392-5173 if you have any questions. Students can either search the course listings located on the Summer at Southern webpage or use our university BannerWeb system. Click on “Search the Current Course Schedule”, select Summer 2017, choose the search parameters that best meet your needs, and then click “Class Search”. For a complete list of online classes only, choose the OnlineCSU search category listed under “Session”.

What is the Difference Between an Online, Hybrid, And An On-Ground (Lecture Or Seminar) Course?

Online courses do not meet in a classroom and are taught using an online technology platform, in most cases - Blackboard Learn 9. Some online classes contain video lectures, virtual discussion boards, and online exams, which are designed by individual faculty members.  Online classes offer flexibility for students with busy schedules.

Hybrid courses include a mixture of traditional, face-to-face classroom instruction and online learning through a technology platform. Many students note that hybrid courses offer the “best of both worlds.” Technology aids in efficiency and convenience of learning, but interaction with instructors is available for those who seek direct instruction.

On-ground courses are taught in the form of lectures or seminars and are the most widely used format at Southern. On ground courses often include a BB Learn 9 component designed by individual faculty members. On-ground courses may meet daily or weekly and are best for students who prefer traditional course delivery and direct interaction with instructors.

How Do I Log Into and Navigate Blackboard Learn 9?

Go to BlackBoard Learn 9 and log in using your username and password, which are the same credentials you use to log into MySCSU and your Southern email. Next, scroll to the bottom of the home page under “Need Help” and click “Students.” This will bring you to a support page which includes: video tutorials, FAQs, and best practices for using BlackBoard. Access a series of video tutorials on Blackboard Learn 9.

I am Still Having Trouble with Blackboard Learn 9. Where Do I Go for Help?

If you are in need of additional BlackBoard assistance, please visit the “Where to Go for Help” page. If you are unable to login to Blackboard Learn 9 or you cannot see the course(s) you are assigned or enrolled in, please contact the SCSU Helpdesk at: 203-392-5123. Due to security reasons, the helpdesk cannot respond to password issues via email. If you are a student who is taking an online or hybrid course and have not been in contact with your professor, please email or call your professor directly 3-5 business days before the session begins for further instructions.